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We have developed a range of information sheets and 'Top Tips' guidance to help you manage the most common hazards that you may encounter on a day to day basis.

  • Information Sheets provide employers and employees with practical advice on the most commonly found hazards that may be encountered in any business on any day.
  • 'Top Tips' give a condensed summary of the information sheets and are ideal for communicating key information to your employees.
  • 'Top Tip Inspector Videos' can be used as an effective means of communicating key health and safety messages with employees and other persons who may be associated with your workplace. On the right of this page you will find nine videos narrated by Inspectors on the key hazards associated with the workplace.

Top Tips


Information Sheets


true life stories

True Life Stories

The true life stories series was developed for our 'Taking Care of Business' events.true life picture

They outline a series of eleven accidents which occured in various workplaces around the country.

The true life stories can be used as a helpful training and educational aid as each incident is broken down into the following key headings.

  • Background
  • What Happened?
  • How did it happen?
  • Consequences?
  • Solution(s) to prevent future reoccurence?

a True Stories Series - 11 Accident Case Studies (3.4 MB)



Further Information

a Study on the Costs Incurred by Small Businesses as a Result of Workplace Injuries (2.4MB)



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